I'm here to help individuals and couples through life's changes. With personalized coaching, I'll give you the support, tools, and motivation you need to handle change, gain clarity, and grow personally. We'll work together to turn challenges into changes for a happier, more balanced life.  

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I’m Mary Lou. My passion is Guiding individuals and couples through transitions with wisdom and grace.

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Certified life coach
certified Thriving Relationship Coach

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Guiding Individuals and Couples Through Transitions with Wisdom and Grace

I want to help individuals and couples face transitions with confidence. Transitions are stepping stones to transformation, and my passion is to guide individuals and couples through these pivotal moments with wisdom, compassion, and strength. Through my coaching, together we will see a future where changes are not just handled but celebrated as steps toward growth and lasting happiness.  

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Are you and your partner drifting apart? Newly engaged and wondering if you were meant to be together forever? Are you newly married and facing some challenges? Do you keep going around in circles arguing about the same issues? Do you want to connect on a deeper level?

Customized sessions will be focused on your needs to teach you the essential skills for rebuilding a trusting and healthy relationship. Reignite the fire, strengthen your bonds, and bring back joy, love, and desire into your relationship.

Individuals & Couples

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ready. set. grow

Unlock Your Leadership Potential; Elevate Your Impact, Influence, and Success


Let's take your leadership skills to the next level! Through personalized guidance and ongoing support, you will gain the confidence, clarity, and capabilities needed to lead with authenticity, and inspire your team. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and unleash your full leadership potential! BTW: I'm a legal aficionado and can mentor/guide attorneys and/or legal support staff.

ready. set. grow

Are you facing career changes, relationship shifts, or personal challenges? Are you looking for guidance and tools to help you embrace those changes with confidence? 

Facing Transitions

Together let's discover your strengths, clarify your goals, and create a path to transform your life. Customized sessions just for you. 

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